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Aruba Atmosphere 2019
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AB001 - Mobility Field Day Exclusive at Atmosphere 2019

Join the most influential minds in the wireless community today as they discuss announcements from Atmosphere 2019 in this panel moderated by Tom Hollingsworth of Tech Field Day. Topics include wireless security, cloud, and the future of mobility. Find more information at

75min Airheads Breakout Tom Hollingsworth
AB002 - Wi-Fi Network Design for Apple Products Apple device users are pervasive across your schools and institutions. Wireless LAN network design best practices require an understanding of the devices you will deploy. Join Apple to learn about the wireless specifications of Apple products and how iOS and macOS devices discover, join, and roam within your Aruba Wi-Fi network. An Apple Sr. Consulting Engineer specializing in Wi-Fi will review the configuration of Apple products to support mass deployment as well as logging and advanced troubleshooting techniques. This session is designed to provide the details required to give users of Apple products on your Aruba network a great experience. 75min Airheads Breakout
AB101 - Wi-Fi Basics: RF Nuts and Bolts Learn pragmatic radio subject matter that includes RF basics, electromagnetic radiation, human exposure limits, propagation loss, antenna types and coverage, basic transmitter and receiver architecture and physical constraints. 75min Airheads Breakout Eric Johnson
AB102 - Advanced Wi-Fi: 802.11 Modulation and Antenna Techniques Learn signal processing concepts and advanced use cases for different antenna types, MIMO, beamforming, MU-MIMO and what you can expect from future Wi-Fi innovations. We also take a look at differences between 802.11ac, 11ad, and 11ax to help you design networks that set realistic expectations for users to function properly. 75min Airheads Breakout Eric Johnson
AB103 - Deep Dive: Traditional and Modern Authentication Technologies Join us for a deep dive into how traditional authentication technologies like 802.1X, EAP and RADIUS/RadSec differ from modern, cloud-based technologies such as SAML, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and WebAuthN/CTAP2 (FIDO2). Oh, and everyone's least favorite topic: certificates! 75min Airheads Breakout Ryan Haight
Tim Cappalli
AB104 - The Impact of the Upcoming 6 GHz Band for Wi-Fi The US and the European Union are both moving to open large parts of the 6 GHz band for Wi-Fi use. Learn the current state of the rulemaking process, explore who the main users of the band are today and how their systems might be protected. We'll also provide a sneak peek on how the new spectrum gets allocated around the world. 75min Airheads Breakout Chuck Lukaszewski
AB105 - Simplified IoT Onboarding: Using the New Device Provisioning Protocol (DPP) Onboarding of IoT devices, especially "headless" devices that lack a UI have historically been tedious, insecure, and proprietary. Learn how the new Device Provisioning Protocol (DPP) from the Wi-Fi Alliance addresses this gap by providing a simple, secure and scalable way of onboarding Wi-Fi enabled IoT devices. 75min Airheads Breakout Dan Harkins
AB106 - Enhanced Wi-Fi Security: WPA3 and Enhanced Open Learn how new WPA3 and Enhanced Open (OWE) protocols that were released in late 2018 provide long-overdue enhancements to Wi-Fi security. Understand where WPA3 and OWE fit in your network, what's coming next and how WPA3 addresses the threats and use cases WPA2 cannot. 75min Airheads Breakout Rick Farina
Dan Harkins
AB107 - Trends and New Technology Affecting Enterprise-class Network Design Learn how emerging trends in technology such as virtual segmentation, AI-powered network analytics, 802.3bt PoE, IoT and cloud solutions are affecting enterprise and branch office network designs. 75min Airheads Breakout Mark Pearson
AB108 - Advances in AI: How It Improves Network Security Recent trends are leading to expanded uses of AI, ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in networking. With the recent success of NLP, semantic learning has found its way to help secure your network. Learn what NLP is and how it applies to Network Security for today's mobile workplace. 75min Airheads Breakout Ram Janakiraman
AB109 - Wi-FI or 5G Cellular? It's Really Both. Explore the intersection of Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Hear how 802.11ax stacks up against 5G performance, the implications of cellular networks operating in unlicensed spectrum, the prospects and limitations of private LTE, and how enterprise Wi-Fi may become the on-ramp to 5G network services. 75min Airheads Breakout Stuart Strickland
AB110 - Bringing Passpoint to the Enterprise Would you like to learn how Passpoint is used to fill cellular coverage gaps, to improve analytics and streamline guest access? This session provides an overview of Passpoint, how Aruba is enabling services within the Enterprise and where Passpoint fits within the Aruba roadmap to WI-FI in 5G. 75min Airheads Breakout Stuart Strickland
AB111 - Security Starts with Your Infrastructure: Aruba Components and Demonstration Learn about fundamental security elements used within Aruba products to create a trusted network device infrastructure. We'll explain the value of using certificates, code-signing and TPM's (Trusted Platform Modules). A demonstration of tools that can be used to verify device security will also be shown. 75min Airheads Breakout Tom Laffey
AB113 - Blockchain for Proof of IoT Ownership in Logistics and High-Value Manufacturing Validating a product's chain of ownership whose members may not be mutually trustworthy can be challenging. In this session we'll discuss how to use a Blockchain smart contract and link together parameters such as identity, location and temperature to ensure provenance from its source to consumer. 75min Airheads Breakout Michael Tennefoss
AB114 - What is 802.11ax and Why Do I Need It? Join us to learn the principles of 802.11ax, (Wi-Fi 6) where it's useful and how Aruba's new APs like the 510 Series will fit into your network. We'll also cover the elephant in the room - when will we see 11ax clients and from which vendors? 75min Airheads Breakout Onno Harms
AB201 - ArubaOS 8: Latest Enhancements In this session, you will learn about new performance and security improvements to ArubaOS, including support for 802.11ax, WPA3, and new IoT integrations. We will also share new Dynamic Segmentation enhancements, our new monitoring UI, AP auto-provisioning, RAP clustering, IPv6 support, license management, and Microsoft Teams integration. 75min Airheads Breakout Amish Shah
AB202 - Why ArubaOS 8 and Mobility Master for Large-scale Enterprise-class Availability Learn how to use ArubaOS 8 to deploy the industry's most resilient WLAN network. This session outlines Mobility Master features that include data center redundancy, controller clustering and live upgrades to deliver 24/7 connectivity. 75min Airheads Breakout Amish Shah
AB203 - ArubaOS 8: Campus Design and Deployment Best Practices This session outlines the advantages of using ArubaOS 8 to build an autonomous mobile-first campus wireless network. Learn RF best practices, configuration tuning, the concept of multizone and traffic segmentation and hot tips for fast and easy client and device troubleshooting. 75min Airheads Breakout Amish Shah
AB204 - Aruba Instant: Leveraging New and Enhanced Availability and Flexibility Features This session introduces recent Aruba Instant enhancements that improve network availability, security and flexibility. Learn how reliability enhancements deliver 24x7 uptime, how mesh and tunneling now support new use cases and how new UI enhances ease-of-use and simplifies troubleshooting. 75min Airheads Breakout Prince Samar
AB205 - Aruba Instant: Simple and Scalable Controllerless Wi-Fi for the Branch In this session, we discuss several examples of customers who are using Aruba Instant in distributed environments. We'll also share insights into how Aruba APs in Instant mode enable you to simplify deploying, managing and troubleshooting your Wi-Fi network using a controllerless infrastructure at the branch. 75min Airheads Breakout Prince Samar
Roopesh Pavithran
AB206 - Best Practices for Designing Midsize Business WLAN Solutions In this session, we discuss the benefits of using Aruba APs in Instant mode to deliver a reliable and secure Wi-Fi experience for users and IoT. We take a deep dive into the architecture and WLAN solution for mid-size businesses. We also examine everything from deployment and usable configuration examples to troubleshooting tips and best practices for WLAN deployment. 75min Airheads Breakout Prince Samar
AB207 - Outdoor Wi-Fi: Network Design Fundamentals This session looks at best practices for deploying outdoor Wi-Fi based on coverage and roaming principles. We'll also cover how to leverage performance data to show how Aruba stacks up against the competition with a superior outdoor solution. 75min Airheads Breakout Jerrod Howard
AB208 - Outdoor Mesh: Deep Dive and Best Practices This session provides a detailed look into different Mesh technologies supported across the various platforms and operating systems. We'll also address best practices for designing, configuring and maintaining a Mesh network. 75min Airheads Breakout Jerrod Howard
AB209 - A Look Inside the Atmosphere 2019 Event Network The Atmosphere 2019 Event Network brings together Aruba's latest hardware and software. Learn how new ArubaOS 8, switching and ClearPass features that you can use in your network provides us with a highly reliable, secure and fast network. We'll also discuss new features that simplify network configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting. 75min Airheads Breakout Kevin Marshall
Jone Ostebo
AB210 - Design Fundamentals: Aruba Campus Network Design Learn design principles and best practices for building an Aruba wired and wireless campus network. We'll cover networking trends, how to get your network up and running quickly using network right sizing, VLAN, subnet and Spanning Tree tips, RF basics and AP placement, as well as how to safely tune your network based on user experience feedback. Whether you are setting up a new network, or upgrading an existing one, we can help. 75min Airheads Breakout Kelly Fleshner
Ben Thomas
AB211 - ArubaOS 8: Hierarchical Configuration Best Practices Attend this session to learn about ArubaOS 8's new hierarchical configuration structure for designing campus networks. Learn best practices for using this structure and how to best leverage the benefits. 75min Airheads Breakout Andrew Hejnar
AB212 - Aruba TAC Tips: AirWave Best Practices Join us for an in-depth look at how to best use Aruba Airwave and Airwave Glass. We'll cover Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), partial config updates for switches and using Glass for advanced troubleshooting. 75min Airheads Breakout Gowri Amujuri
AB213 - IPv6 Best Practices for Wi-Fi Deployments Attend this session if you're considering or implementing IPv6 on Wi-Fi. Learn about subnetting, handling ICMPv6 messages and DHCPv6 best practices for a successful wireless implementation. 75min Airheads Breakout Eric Lebel
Charlie Clemmer
AB214 - Visibility and Troubleshooting Tips: A Look at Aruba and Client-side Tools Join this session for an overview of available options to help you better understand how your network is performing. We'll take a look at the Aruba controller dashboard, AirWave basics, Aruba Utilities App and when and how to use client-side utilities. 75min Airheads Breakout Marcus Wehmeyer
AB215 - Introduction to Wireshark and Omnipeek: Analyzing Aruba Wi-Fi Performance Join this session for an introduction into the popular wireless protocol analysis tools - Wireshark and Omnipeek. We'll show you best practices for capturing data, analyzing Wi-Fi frames and which display options are the most efficient for troubleshooting issues. 75min Airheads Breakout Ken Peredia
AB216 - Optimizing ArubaOS for Unified Communications Get an in depth understanding of how ArubaOS helps optimize enterprise communications services such as voice and video conferencing, messaging, and desktop sharing. Best practices will also be covered on configuration and traffic prioritization. 75min Airheads Breakout Phillip Hernandez
Kevin Huey
AB217 - ArubaOS 8: Understanding Aruba AirGroup Principles Get a deep dive on how to configure ArubaOS 8 for AirGroup, make sure everything is working and troubleshoot any issues. 75min Airheads Breakout Phillip Hernandez
Eric Lebel
AB218 - Planning for ArubaOS 8.X Migration Thinking about or planning to migrate from ArubaOS 6.x to 8.x? Come to this session to learn about migrating to 8.x including best practices for clustering, AirGroup, AirMatch and troubleshooting post migration 75min Airheads Breakout Vijay Rajasimhan
AB219 - New Aruba User Experience Insight Join us for look at Aruba User Experience Insight (formerly Cape Networks) to see how it helps proactively identify endpoint performance on campus and distributed networks. We'll cover the on-premise sensor and how to use the dashboard to build real time app and services tests for Wi-Fi, wired and cloud. Includes live demo. 75min Airheads Breakout David Wilson
AB220 - Aruba User Experience Insight Troubleshooting Tips Attend this session to get a deeper view into how Aruba User Experience Insight (formerly Cape Networks) helps troubleshoot common end-user performance issues for critical apps and services on Wi-Fi, wired and in the cloud. Includes live demo. 75min Airheads Breakout Fouad Zreik
AB221 - Design Fundamentals: Aruba SD-Branch Design The goal of this session is to simplify your branch design with a set of recommended options targeting the most common use cases. We'll cover SD-WAN design including branch and headend gateway deployment, WAN performance features, intelligent routing features, and SD-LAN wired and wireless branch design and deployment. Come find out how to simplify your life by combining your WAN and wired and wireless LAN at the branch into one manageable Software Defined Branch (SD-Branch) solution. 75min Airheads Breakout Ben Thomas
Kelly Fleshner
AB222 - Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator Deep Dive This session provides a deeper dive into an SD-WAN architecture and step-by-step guidance on how to build a scalable overlay network using Aruba Centrals SD-WAN Orchestrator feature. If migrating workloads to the public cloud such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, hear how Aruba Virtual Gateways can extend SD-WAN into the public cloud. We’ll also cover Dynamic path selection and path quality monitoring to ensure critical application SLAs are met within the SD-WAN fabric. See how our new SaaS express feature will help you optimize the performance of applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and Box. We close the session with how to hand off SD-WAN overlay routes into the rest of the network using underlay routing protocols and best practices. 75min Airheads Breakout Meggie Yao
Mani Ganesan
AB223 - SD-Branch: Deep Dive into Branch Design and Architecture The session will cover key Aruba SD-WAN/SD-Branch capabilities, including Dynamic Path Selection, vGateways, application visibility and firewall policies, as well as route and tunnel orchestration. 75min Airheads Breakout Samuel Perez Bunuel
AB224 - The Evolution of Branch Networks: What is Aruba SD-Branch? This session provides an overview of why siloed SD-WAN & LAN solutions are a thing of the past. We'll provide guidance on why Aruba's SD-Branch solution and how Aruba Gateways, Aruba wired and wireless, Aruba Central, and security with ClearPass offer the benefits needed for todays distributed branch. 75min Airheads Breakout Ed Chang
Ramanan Subramanian
AB225 - Drink Your Own Champagne: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Aruba Ever wonder how your vendor actually uses their own product? Learn how HPE is using the complete Aruba portfolio to modernize and secure its global network, beginning with a brand-new corporate office. Hear how they're taking mobility to an all new level. 75min Airheads Breakout Peter Huang
Tim Cappalli
AB226 - Aruba NAE a Day Keeps the Boss Away Join this session if you're looking for proactive monitoring, more detailed network health reporting and overall IT workflow integration. Learn how Aruba’s Network Analytics Engine (NAE) addresses the demands of high availability by automatically interrogating and analyzing events that impact network health. Learn how NAE uses this data for root cause analysis, rapid troubleshooting and diagnostics. 75min Airheads Breakout Scott Koster
Alvin Castro
AB227 - Orchestrating Network Configuration with Aruba's NetEdit Join this session to learn how Aruba NetEdit empowers IT teams to simplify switch configuration using intelligent orchestration capabilities. NetEdit can save you time and prevent errors during critical deployments with capabilities such as search, edit, validation, deployment and audit to enable you to smoothly and safely coordinate end-to-end service rollouts. 75min Airheads Breakout Charles Clark
Craig Mills
AB228 - The Intelligent Edge: The Role of Aruba's Data Center Solutions Learn how Aruba's Data Center solutions ensure your business runs at full throttle. Get a deep dive into why a secure and simplified data center approach can help you build an edge that addresses traditional and new cloud requirements. Get the visibility, analytics and automation you need to excel. 75min Airheads Breakout Steven Baker
Daryl Wan
AB229 - More Power To You: High Power PoE as an IoT Enabler Designing a network that is ready to support the explosion of IoT devices and the latest wireless technologies is a challenge. Protecting your investment - better known as future proofing - means that you need to plan for capacity, for both how fast your network needs to go and how much power it needs to provide. Learn about the new 802.3bt standard for high power PoE. 75min Airheads Breakout Rahul Rachamalla
Ed Kurata
AB230 - Protect and Secure your IoT with Aruba's Dynamic Segmentation Join us for an expert look at how Dynamic Segmentation simplifies security by eliminating the manual configuration of VLANs and access lists. Learn how Aruba's approach to secure and simplify access for users and IoT ensures that appropriate access and security policies are always applied and maintained. 75min Airheads Breakout Rajaseelan Manavalan
Justin Noonan
AB231 - Intelligent Wired Edge Solutions and Innovations Join this session to hear how Aruba switching innovations deliver automation, security and high availability for the Intelligent Enterprise Edge, from access, to core, to data center. Learn how Aruba can help simplify the complexities of managing today’s network of with policy-driven segmentation and AI-powered automation features. 75min Airheads Breakout Angel Penilla
Vishwas Shetiya
Michael Verdugo
Heather Giovanni
AB232 - Don't Cry over CLI, Get into Automation with Ansible The demand for network automation is rising and IT teams are searching for solutions to simplify complex networks. In this expert session, learn about the power and possibilities of Ansible and how to automate the configuration and provisioning of ArubaOS-CX and ArubaOS-Switch devices. 75min Airheads Breakout Tiffany Chiapuzio-Wong
Rajani Abraham
AB233 - IPv6 Best Practices: It's not If you'll Deal with It, But When Learn how Aruba's IPv6 solutions can help scale your networks to service next generation clients and growth. We'll discuss changes over the last few years and how IPv6 solves current address pool limitations to provide IoT devices a home. 75min Airheads Breakout Kevin Marshall
Reddy Penthala
AB234 - The New Edge - Building a Foundation for Intelligent Edge Networking Join this session to understand how changes at the edge require a next generation networking architecture for the software-defined enterprise. Learn how mobile first requirements are driving the need for open, secure and operational simplicity. Hear how Aruba will deliver a key component of an overall application and technology platform for today's digital user and IoT experiences. 75min Airheads Breakout Kevin Marshall
Ruben Iglesias
AB235 - Limiting your Network Blast Radius with Aruba's HA Architecture Learn about Aruba's high availability technology developed specifically for the campus core, aggregation and data center. Aruba Virtual Switching Extension (VSX) creates a distributed and redundant architecture that is highly available, even during software upgrades. Learn how VSX achieves this with continuous control plane synchronization for multi-chassis high availability. 75min Airheads Breakout Reddy Penthala
GILES Vincent
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